• 2016 Topps Star Wars High Tek ($5.25 per 3 checklist characters, 22 spots, 66 checklist characters) ID SWHIGHTEKJAN102

    Friendly Box Breaks

  • $5.25

    21 spots left.
  • Description

    Daisy Ridley as Rey will be random'd off before the break begins. All cards will go to the matching autograph owner. For example, a Han Solo base card will go to the person that has "Harrison Ford as Han Solo". All cards that do not match an owner will be random'd at the end of the break.


    Configuration: 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.

    The Fan-Favorite Topps High Tek Star Wars returns to hobby stores in November!

    Look for: new foil patterns, new short prints, on-card autographs featuring favorite characters from across the Star Wars universe!


    Phenomenal base cards feature the most iconic names throughout the galaxy with diverse foil patterns and colors.
    - Blue Rainbow Foil-Numbered to 99
    - Gold Rainbow Foil-Numbered to 50
    - Orange MAGMA Diffractor-Numbered to 25
    - Green Cube Diffractor-Numbered to 10
    - Red Orbit Diffractor-Numbered to 5
    - Black Galactic Diffractor-Numbered 1/1
    - Printing Proofs-Numbered 1/1

    The Force Awakens within 3 different insert card sets

    Living Tek
    Showcasing the technologically advanced characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
    - Sequentially numbered to 50

    Armor Tek
    Die-cut cards featuring armor worn in Star Wars:The Force Awakens.
    - Sequentially numbered to 50.

    Pilots and Vehicles
    Amazing vehicles and the talented characters that pilot them.
    - Sequentially numbered to 50


    Hi-Tek ON-CARD Autographs
    Highlighting actors from the entire Star Wars galaxy, featuring on-card autographs


    - Blue Rainbow Parallel-Sequentially #'d to 75.
    - Gold Rainbow Parallel-Sequentially #'d to 50.
    - Orange MAGMA Diffractor Parallel-Sequentially #'d to 25.
    - Green Cube Diffractor Parallel-Sequentially #'d to 10.
    - Red Orbit Diffractor Parallel-Sequentially #'d to 5.
    - Black Galactic Diffractor Parallel-Numbered 1/1.
    - Printing Proofs-Numbered 1/1.

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