• RANDOM TEAMS PACK ACTION ($9.99 per pack action spot, 26 total spots) for 2017 Bowman High Tek ID PACKACTION17BOWTEK201

    Friendly Box Breaks

  • $9.99

    26 spots left.
  • Description

    PLAY PACK ACTION, WIN 6 PACKS OF 17 GYPSY QUEEN!! This break is valid as soon as the first person buys in, doesnt need to sell out to be valid. If the break sells out, 4 people are guaranteed to win.


    Box that this pack action goes with click here

    What you are purchasing right now: You are purchasing a pack of OPENING DAY BASEBALL.

    What does this mean: If a team that you own in pack action ends up being a team on an AUTOGRAPHED card in this particular break, you are the prize winner. For example, if you own the YANKEES in pack action, and if a YANKEES autograph is pulled in this particular box break, you win 6 packs of Gypsy Queen.

    How does it work? A "pack action" random will take place before the actual box break, you will be assigned one team per pack action spot that you buy. After this, then the box break random will take place. The team that you get in the pack action via random has to be hit in the actual box break that the pack action is associated with. For example, if you receive the Boston Red Sox in the random, you will want to root for the person that owns the Boston Red Sox in the actual box break to pull a Red Sox autographed card. If so, you will win the prize. This format allows spectators or people not in the break to be part of the break.

    Prize for this break: 6 packs of 2017 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball from a sealed box.


    When the actual box break has sold out, there will be a last call for pack action.

    Pack Actions do not need to sell out to participate. 



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